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Key Performance Areas for the Professional Personnel are as follows:

Riaan Grobbelaar:    

Environmental Authorizations; EIA, EMP and Remediation Project Management; Enviro-Legal Aspects; IWULA, IWWMP and WLA Processes; Specialist Source Characterization, Waste Classification, Topography, Soils, Land Capability/Land Use, Geotechnical, Aquatic Ecosystems, Geohydrology, Air Quality, Noise, and Public Participation; Geotechnical and Civil Designs.


Shane Turner:    
Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMP's); Water Use Licence (WUL) & Amendment Applications; Water and Salt Balances; Water Conservation & Water Demand Management (WC/WDM) Plans; Groundwater Specialist Consultation; Specialist Inputs pertaining to Geology, Surface Water, Meteorology, Topography, Source Characterization; GIS; Project Management and Control.


Genevieve Cloete:    
Water Monitoring Programme Management; Database Management and Control; GIS.


René Wolmarans:    
Environmental Authorisation Applications; Environmental Authorisation Audits; EIA and EMP Project Management; Specialist Plant Life, Animal Life, Topography and Meteorology inputs; GIS; Public Participation.


Michael Lombard:    
Geohydrology; Geology; Groundwater Monitoring; Mine Water Balances; Specialist inputs pertaining to Topography, Meteorology, Surface Water, Source Characterization, Conceptual Groundwater Modelling; Fieldwork Management; GIS Management and Control.


Johan du Toit:
Geochemistry, Hydrochemistry, Source Characterization, Waste and Materials Classification, Topography, Geology, Groundwater Monitoring, Surface Water Monitoring, Process Water and Salt Balances, GIS, Fieldwork Management.

Adriaan Pretorius:
Geohydrology; Geology; Groundwater Monitoring; Groundwater and Surface Water Hydrocensus'; Fieldwork Management.


Albert Carow:
Geohydrology; Geology; Groundwater Monitoring; Groundwater and Surface Water Hydrocensus'; Geophysics; Pumping Tests; Fieldwork Management.


Allan Love:
GIS Development and Management.



Key Performance Areas for the Support Staff are as follows:

Leana van Niekerk:    
Finances, Assistant to the Managing Director.


Rienie du Plessis:    
Personnel, Data Capturing, Database Management and Monitoring Reports.


Emmerenzia Pretorius:    
Office Management, Finances and Reception.

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