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JMA Consulting (Pty) Ltd Offices 15 Vickers Street, Delmas, Mpumalanga, South Africa

JMA was founded by Mr Jasper Müller as a one man professional practice in October 1988. JMA opened its office in Delmas, Mpumalanga and started to focus on providing groundwater and environmental consultation services to the mining and industrial sectors of South Arica. The firm became a closed corporation (Jasper Müller and Associates cc) in the same year and relocated to bigger offices in Delmas during October 1998.


Jasper Müller and Associates cc immediately started to forge associations with other specialist environmental and engineering firms in order to provide sustainable environmental solutions to its clients. It was during this time that the JMA Logo was introduced to brand the firm and a period of exponential growth saw the firm develop into a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy, providing turnkey services in association with other specialist firms.


In 2006 Jasper Müller and Associates cc became a private consulting company and subsequently changed its name to JMA Consulting (Pty) Ltd. JMA Consulting (Pty) Ltd currently focusses on providing specialist geological, geohydrological and environmental consultation for, but not limited to, the mining and industrial sectors in South Africa.


This includes amongst others; specialist Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Programme (EMP), Water Use Licence Application (WULA), Waste Licence Application (WLA), Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan (IWWMP) Consultation as well as specialist geological, hydrogeological and geochemical investigations. 


The JMA Consulting personnel comprise of highly trained professionals each of whom are registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions for their specific field of practice. JMA Consulting continues to provide leading environmental consultation to the mining and industrial sectors, with the specific approach of providing sustainable and integrated environmental management solutions.



The JMA Logo symbolizes both the origin and the essence of the company. The colours used in the logo represent all the colours of the rainbow symbolizing JMA’s involvement in Environmental Science and Engineering. The letters JMA are in blue and in flowing font type, which symbolize JMA being specialists in water related aspects. The arch forming the top of the logo shows that JMA is contained within the overall environmental framework, whilst the book which forms the base of the logo, illustrates the fact that the solutions provided by JMA is founded on sound scientific and engineering knowledge. The layered sequence of the book represents the layered nature of the earth’s crust.

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