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Sustainable Environmental Solutions
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JMA Consulting (Pty) Ltd can, as environmental specialists undertake the following applications:


  • MPRDA Mining Right Applications and Compliance Audits
  • NEMA EIA Applications and Compliance Audits
  • NEMWA Waste Management Licence Applications and Compliance Audits
  • NWA Water Use Licence Applications and Compliance Audits

In support of the abovementioned environmental authorisation applications and compliance audits, JMA can provide or manage inter alia the following major specialist inputs: 


  • Enviro-Legal Framework Assessments
  • Property, Land Owner & Land Claim Assessments
  • Comparative Land Use & Post Closure Land Use Assessments
  • Aerial and Drone Photography and Mapping
  • Contaminated Land and Soil Assessments 
  • Storm Water/Process Water & Salt Balances for Mines and Plants
  • Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMP)
  • Rehabilitation Strategy and Implementation Plans (RSIP)
  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management (WC/WDM) Plans
  • Baseline, Impact Assessment and Management Plan Specialist Studies (comprising inter alia, Socio-Cultural, Socio-Economic, Archaeology, Heritage, Palaeontology, Topography, Soils, Land Use, Land Capability, Traffic, Surface Water, Plant Life, Animal Life, Wetland, Aquatic Ecosystem, Groundwater, Air Quality, Noise, Vibration, Visuals)
  • Conceptual and Detailed Project Descriptions
  • EIA Basic Assessment Reports (BAR), Scoping Reports and Plans of Study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR)
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Closure Cost and Financial Provisioning Assessments
  • Rehabilitation and Closure Plans
  • Environmental Awareness Plans 
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Participation Programmes
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